Chicken Wings

Sawa ka na bang kumain ng chicken wings sa labas at kumain with poise? Sawa ka na bang magpadeliver ng wings na malabsa ang balat? Sawa ka na bang umorder sa labas at di makapagpag-inom dahil baka magwala ka? I feel you.

Chicken wings
2 parts flour
1 part cornstarch
dash of Paprika
Salt & pepper
Oil for deep-frying

  1. Mix flour, cornstarch, and paprika then season with salt and pepper.
  2. Season the wings with salt and pepper then coat with the flour mix.
  3. Deep-fry on low heat until cooked, set aside until cool.
  4. Just before serving, quickly deep fry again in high heat for the crispiness.
  5. Toss or brush with sauce/rub.

Flavor #1: Buffalo
Equal parts melted butter and your favorite hot sauce. Add a dash of vinegar and pepper to taste.

Flavor #2: Garlic Honey
Heat 1/4 cup honey with 1 tbsp of soy sauce in a pan. Add fried garlic chips just before applying to the wings.

Flavor #3: Garlic Parmesan
Mix 3 parts shredded parmesan with 1 part garlic powder. You may adjust to taste. Toss with wings.

Flavor #4: Spicy Honey Citrus
Mix 2 parts honey with 1 part orange juice. Add a pinch or so of orange zest and 1/2 part gochujang.

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